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Ok, so we stole the abbreviations from a "Peanut Butter and Jam" sandwich... and we know what you're thinking: [why name your company after such a simple sandwich?] Well, much like pb&j's, we are the perfect combination.  It just so happened that our initials matched as well! (;

Not only do we both share a passion for videography and photography, but we also happen to complete each other in every possible way.  Whether it's taking a trip around the world, seeking a new and exciting adventure or having a simple family game night, we encourage each other to thrive, to bring out the best in us, and the best part is, we do it together. We both have our weaknesses, but we are each others strengths.

Paola is what many would call a perfectionist, someone who is never satisfied with their work and spends hours trying to knit and pick, this is where Nick comes in and assures her that the job is already well done. We are all dreamy sometimes, but Nick is always dreaming ... in a creative way. He often springs up ideas which would require Movie size budgets and months of work. Although many of his ideas are brilliant, Paola has no choice but to bring him back to reality... for now anyways...;) And of course in business there is always one who stresses over the slightest things and the one who takes everything with a calm smile.

Can you guess which one is which? :P 

This is us, PBNJ productions! 

The collision of creative types, dedicated and outgoing, who are excited to share their vision and their imagination with the world.

 PBNJ productions; where every moment becomes memorable.


PAOLA BELMONTE is a Communications Graduate whose passion for video intensifies with every new challenge. Whether filming or editing, she is incredibly focused. Paola is the type of girl who can spend hours looking at the sunset without blinking. If she starts throwing negativity at you, simply stir up a cup of tea with some honey or offer her a day of adventure and she will reveal the sweetheart that she truly is. She is a go-getter, and whatever she goes after, well, she gets. As devoted to the business as she is to her family, she is an all-out great person to be around.

NICK JAJKO studied Media Arts, he is most known by people for his random facts and for being a walking IMDB. [By the way, did you know that Alfred Hitchcock had a small cameo in every single one of his movies?] His mind rolls constantly with new ideas, he is pretty much all about creativity... even on the dance floor. Whether taking pictures or filming a video, you can literally feel the energy and creativity involved. Nick is an unbelievably friendly person who will not shy away from a conversation with a stranger. Despite his busy schedule, he always finds time for his friends and family.


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I had the pleasure of working with PBNJ Productions and I am very pleased. They produced 2 commercials for Rodania Canada and they were great! I recommend using their services. Keep up the great work!
— Michael Budge

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